Departments and Managers

Below is the list of all our Departments and the Managers, by location.


Arbor Hill Assisted Living

Sherry Vieira(401) 450-0331 Send A MessageSherry Vieira
Director of Wellness
Joann Draine, RN(401) 450-3616 Send A MessageJoann Draine


Linn Health & Rehabilitation

Cathy Donnelly401.438.7210 120 Send A MessageCathy Donnelly
Director of Nursing
Crystal Brown, RN(401) 654-4058 Send A Message 
Rehab Director
Rosemarie Cazzani(401) 654-4014 Send A MessageRosemarie Cazzani
Director of Activities
Jan Rupert(401) 654-4166 Send A MessageJan Rupert
Director of Social Services
Richalie Cotter(401) 654-4008 Send A MessageRichalie Cotter


St. Germain Assisted Living

David Rankin(401) 597-5865 Send A Message 
Director of Wellness
Kathleen Barrett, RN(401) 597-5867 Send A Message 


Aldersbridge Communities

Chief Executive Officer
Richard Gamache, MS, FACHCA(401) 654-4002 Send A MessageRichard Gamache, MS, FACHCA
Director of Finance
Daniel T. Quinn(401) 654-4004 Send A Message
Director of Culinary Services
Nicholas Pereira(401) 654-4432 Send A MessageNicholas Pereira
Director of Environmental Services
Kim C. Waite654-4012 Send A MessageDirector of Environmental
Director of Development and Public Relations
Elise S. Strom(401) 654-4051 Send A MessageElise Strom


Winslow Gardens

Regional Director of Operations, AL/IL
Sandra Cullen, LPN, ALA, OS(401) 654-4010 Send A MessageSandra Cullen
Director of Wellness
Janine Vales-Neves, RNC, BSN(401) 654-4347 Send A MessageJanine Vales-Neves